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Little Rock School District fully released from state control

Lindsey Millar | July 8, 2021
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LRSD board begins to talk about millage extension

Lindsey Millar | July 9, 2021
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LRSD board approves vaccine incentive, millage outline and hears about salary hike plans

Lindsey Millar | July 22, 2021
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Little Rock School District Board refers millage extension to voters

Lindsey Millar | August 19, 2021
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OPINION | JOHN BRUMMETT: Don't give up on schools

John Brummett | October 21, 2021
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Little Rock School District to ask voters to extend millage in November vote

KATV | October 21, 2021
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Vote yes for the future of education in Little Rock

Mac Bell | October 25, 2021
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Arkansas Community Organizations urges you to support schools and libraries with your vote

Austin Bailey | October 26, 2021
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Early voting begins for Little Rock School District millage extension

Ashley Godwin | October 27, 2021
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OPINION | ALI NOLAND: Support schools

Ali Noland | October 29, 2021
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OPINION | JEFF WOOD: A bold future for Little Rock schools

Jeff Wood | October 31, 2021
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