Vote YES on Nov 2nd to Extend the Millage

Early voting starts Tuesday, October 26 to November 1, 2021.

A child in the classroom smiling for the For Our Future Campaign.
Elements for Little Rock School District's Tax Millage Extension.

Why Vote YES for the Millage Extension?

ALL these upgrades can be made across the district with one YES vote.
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A YES vote means LRSD can access $300 million dollars for school construction and repairs without raising a single cent in taxes.
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A YES vote means Cloverdale Middle School will be replaced with a brand new K-8 campus at the former home of McClellan High School.
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A YES vote means building a brand new 1,200-seat West Little Rock high school.
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A YES vote means a new fieldhouse and state-of-the-art auditorium at Central High School.
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A YES Vote means a new world class auditorium for future performances and practice at Parkview Arts Science Magnet High School.
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A YES vote means new roofs for Jefferson, Baseline, Dunbar, Metro, Henderson, Washington, Romine, MLK, Fulbright and Geyer Springs.

McClellan School Renovation

"The existing high school’s main academic building, gym, auditorium, annex, and classroom buildings will be demolished to make way for a new three-story building, approximately 238,000 square feet in size. The site work is limited to the area north of the existing creek and includes a new entry drive with traffic signal, new lanes for parent and bus drop off, and parking for employees, staff, and visitors." - Cromwell Architects Engineers

Rendering of the new McClellan School Renovation, front of school view.
Rendering of the new McClellan School Renovation, play area view.
Rendering of the new McClellan School Renovation, interior view.
Rendering of the new McClellan School Renovation, study room view.

Voting Guide

Election day: November 2, 2021

Early voting: October 26 - November 1, 2021

Main Site Early Voting

  • Pulaski County Regional Building, 501 W. Markham St., Little Rock
  • Tuesday, October 26 - Monday, November 1
  • Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Offsite Early Voting

  • Dee Brown Library, 6325 Baseline Rd., Little Rock
  • Roosevelt Thompson Library, 38 Rahling Cir., Little Rock
  • Jess Odom Community Ctr, 1100 Edgewood Dr., Maumelle
  • First Christian Church of Sherwood, 2803 Kiehl Ave., Sherwood
  • Tuesday, October 26 - Friday, October 29
  • Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be an Arkansas resident.
  • Be age 18 or turn 18 on or before the next election.

Check your voter registration status. If you need to register to vote, you can pick up applications from the Pulaski County Clerk’s Office, the Secretary of State Elections Division, the local revenue or DMV office, a public library, a disability agency, or a military recruitment office. Residents can also request an application be mailed to them. Or the forms can be printed from home in both English and Spanish.

NOTICE: the window to register for the November 2, 2021 election has passed (as of October 2, 2021). You must be registered no later than 30 days prior to the election date.

  • You must submit your application to an official voter registration agency or mail it no later than 30 days prior to an election in which you wish to vote. The postmark on a mail-in application will be considered the submission date.
  • If you completed your application at a voter registration drive, the organizers must submit it to the county clerk or Secretary of State’s office within 21 days of the date on the application or no later than 30 days prior to the next election.
  • If you submit your application close to an election registration deadline, you are strongly advised to follow up on your registration status with your county clerk before Election Day.
  • If an election deadline is looming, there is one method of application that will ensure your eligibility: apply in person with your county clerk.If you have not received verification from your county clerk, be sure to confirm your registration BEFORE Election Day.
  • If you have moved from one county to another within Arkansas, you must update this information with the county clerk no later than 4 days prior to Election Day via a Voter Registration Application.

Ballot History

Girl smiling on the way inside of school.


Voters approved additional 5.0 mills (3.0 to Debt Service & 2.0 to Dedicated M&O)


Debt Service Millage Extension failed 3,941 to 7,184 (35.42% to 64.58%)


Debt Service Millage Extension failed 32,528 to 37,980 (46.19% to 53.81%)


Voters go to the polls (Early voting: Tuesday, October 26 – Monday, November 1)

Debt Service Millage Extension

  • Extends our debt service payments for an additional 19 years
  • Not a tax increase but it does extend the payments of debt
  • By Refinancing we can generate up to $300 million
  • These funds can only be used for capital expenditures
  • Funds have to expended within 3-years
  • There can be multiple bond offerings

LRSD Facility Management

  • Fanning Howey Facility Study 2014 (Commissioned by local Board)
  • Refunded Bonds over past 12 years that produced savings of $29 million for capital improvements
  • LRSD Energy Conservation Project - $12,861,672
  • LRSD 2nd Lien Loan - $93,291,592
  • Pinnacle View Middle School Campus & LR West School of Innovation
  • LR Southwest High School
  • Facility Realities

The Power of Us

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The success of this millage means a 21st century student entering Little Rock’s public schools, today, will have the opportunity to experience a 21st century, world class education.

Ryan Davis headshot.
Ryan Davis - Committee Co-Chair
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It’s one of those rare times in history where everyone is on the same page. I am beyond excited about what all the city will be able to offer so many of our kids, who are our future. There is no better time for a ‘yes’ than now.

Mac Bell headshot.
Mac Bell - Committee Co-Chair
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The Little Rock Education Association recognizes the importance of the environment in which students learn. This millage extension is an important step in ensuring that the Little Rock School District continues to provide the best learning environment for students and staff, without raising taxes for the citizens of Little Rock.

Kristy Mosby headshot.
Kristy Mosby - LREA President
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For the first time in decades, really, things are looking up a little for the Little Rock public schools. But as much as fine new facilities, public schools in Little Rock need the positive spirit of celebration.

John Brumett - Columnist

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are voters approving?

The proposal would extend the district’s debt service mills for 19 years, which would allow the district to restructure bond issues to raise approximately $300 million for school construction and critical repairs.

How will this vote impact the taxpayer?

With NO INCREASE to property tax rates, district schools (facilities) will be improved.

What happens if the ballot measure doesn't pass?

While the tax rate remains the same, without approval, the schools will not receive improvements and/or expansions.

How much money will taxpayers pay?

$0. A YES vote means LRSD can access $300 million dollars for school construction and repairs without raising a single cent in taxes.

What does it mean to "restructure" bonds?

Restructure is used to mean the same thing as refinancing, or revising, bonds in order to save the District money in the long run. The money saved will be restructured, or reallocated, to fund infrastructure projects related to facilities improvements.

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